Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 29th, 2015 Newsletter

January is Rotary Awareness Month
February is World Understanding Month

January Program Chair is Anna
February Program Chair is Rhonda

The program for January 29th had to be changed.  Guest speaker will be Connie Nightingale, president of the Board of the Tommy Douglas Centre.  Bruce will speak about the Rotary Foundation at a later date.

February Program:
February 5th:  business meeting
February 12th:  to be arranged
February 19th:  meeting at Tatagwa to honor Ray Y. and Stafford for 40 years in Rotary.  Duane will give more details and have a sign-up sheet.
February 26th:  Don Kraft

Let's check in with what Chakra has been doing in Nepal.  I hope he will be booked to speak at one of our meetings.

Here he is with the Memo of Intent between our club and the Rotary Club of Dhangadhi.  With their club, we are working to provide scholarships for children to attend school and to stay in school.
Here Chakra is presenting our cheque to the club president
and here the club president is handing it to the club treasurer.
Imagine the children whose lives this project will impact!
Chakra also sent this beautiful photograph of the Himalayas as he was flying from Dhangadhi back to Kathmandu.
It will be interesting to hear from Chakra about whether our cheque was easy to cash and whether there was much loss on the exchange and the cost of cashing the cheque.  Bob is looking into how people who want to donate personally can receive tax receipts from us.  At this point we aren't set up as a Foundation so we can't issue them but perhaps the District or the Estevan Club (which has an established Foundation) could issue them on our behalf.  We'll keep you posted.

Guest speaker at our meeting last week was Jennifer Kuchinka.
Emilie attended with her new host mom Nancy Molder.
Deana and Mal shared some laughs.
While Duane Schultz, Esquire, kept his audience captivated.
Grant M. learned that his practical jokes on Judi just don't match the ones her sister plays on her!

Meals on Wheels:
 February 4th - Norma, February 11th - Diane, February 18th - Don

Emilie's Drivers:
February 5th - Mal, February 12th - Terry, February 19th - Michele

February 1st - Garnet, February 2nd - Norma, February 3rd - Bunny Wiebe

February 2nd - Ted & Rhonda

How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?

Last Week's Question:  Which six members of the Chocolate and Nut Tray committee will be very thankful when the fundraiser is wrapped up?  Answer:  Michele, Pat, Jill, Duane, Deana, Alvena

This Week's Question:  Which ex-inbound exchange student will be visiting in September?  That question is too hard so let's see if this photo helps you out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 22, 2015 Newsletter

January is Rotary Awareness Month
January 29th program is Rotarian Bruce Kwochka speaking about the Rotary Foundation.

January program chair:  Anna Fish
February program chair:  Rhonda Hillstead

Here's a photo of Chakra in Nepal.  He is presently there doing lots of good work for Rotary including delivering our $1000 scholarship cheque and helping to select the students for the scholarships.

In this photo he is with Jesuit priest Father Bill Robins who is a friend of Tom Schuck's brother and a former teacher at Regina's Campion College.  Father Bill has been teaching Nepalese children for 45 years and has helped establish five schools and one college in Nepal.  Here Chakra and Father Bill are in front of the highly reputed St. Xavier School.

Friday Chakra is presenting his powerpoint to the Rotary Club of Dhangadhi.
I'm glad we can profile this photo of Chakra on his travels.  Those of you who are heading off on winter holidays, consider emailing me a photo of you enjoying yourself so I can add it to our Rotary newsletter.  You can email me at king.enterprises@sasktel.net 

Kim eagerly awaits the meeting.
In February we will celebrate Stafford's 40th anniversary with Rotary.  Ray Yurkowski is also celebrating 40 years with Rotary and Bev is celebrating 25 years.  Duane is organizing the occasion.
Here Anna chats with visitor Jeevitha.
Bruce and Greg haven't been in the newsletter lately.  Remember that Bruce is speaking at our noon meeting on January 29th.
Speaker Nancy took time to pose with Alex.  Nancy's vocational talk last week was very informative.
Michele and Bev are all smiles.
Meals on Wheels:  January 28th - Garnet, February 4th - Norma, February 11th - Diane

Emilie's drivers:  January 29th - Stafford, February 5th - Mal, February 12th - Terry

Birthdays:  January 28th - Don Hansen, January 28th - Glen Styles

Anniversaries:  none
How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?
Last week's question:  Which Rotarian is heading up the purchase of new Rotary shirts?  Vance
This week's question:  Which six Chocolate and Nut Tray committee members will be very, very happy when the campaign is wrapped up?  (If you sold to some who haven't paid yet, please beg them to pay.)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 15th, 2015 Newsletter

January is Rotary Awareness Month
January Program Chair is Anna Fish
February Program Chair is Rhonda Hillstead

January 15th :  Nancy Styles' vocational talk
January 22nd:  (evening meeting) author Jennifer Kuchinka from Estevan about her experiences with post partum depression and brain injury
January 29th:  Bruce Kwochka on the Rotary Foundation

The club extends sympathy to member Ray Yurkowski on the death of his wife Marlene.

Birthdays:  January 20th - Grant Marinos
Anniversaries:  none

Meals on Wheels:  January 21st:  Bev (changed with Ray Hamm)
January 28th:  Garnet

Emilie's Drivers:  January 22nd (evening meeting) Darrell Yakimowski  (Note that this is an evening meeting and Emilie now lives on Molders' farm so it may not be possible for her to attend.)
January 29th - Stafford Nimegeers
February 5th:  Mal Barber

You don't want to miss Rotary meetings for many reasons but one is that the 50/50 getting up there!

Miriam brought Tom and Leonard to last week's meeting.

Nancy was inducted as our newest member.  She's already become an integral member of our club.
Here's President Dale performing his duties.
Anna presented a powerpoint on our new partnership with the Rotary Club of Dhangadhi, Nepal.  You can check them out at www.facebook.com/dhnrotary.
Here is Chakra accepting a $1000 cheque to present to the Rotary Club of Dhangadhi.  This is our commitment to provide money for scholarships in Nepal.

How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?
Last question:  Which Rotarian brought his/her son to the Christmas party.  The answer is Terry

This week's question:  Which Rotarian is heading up the purchase of new Rotary shirts?