Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 28th, 2015 Newsletter

Program Chairs:
June - Ray
July Tom Stephenson
August - Nancy
September - Tom Schuck
October - Ted
November - Deana
December - Miriam
January - Dave
February - Bruce
March - Chakra
April - Stafford
May - Darrell
June - Alvena

Upcoming Programs:
June 4th - business meeting with 2015-16 budget approval & executive elections
June 11th - Doug Alexander of Access Children's Fund
June 18th - Jaynie Himsl about fiber art exhibits in city during summer
June 25th - Goliath Recycling

How are your Golf Ball Drop ticket sales going?  Mine would be going great if Vance & Dale didn't beat me to some of the select customers.  Oh, well, it's all for the good of Rotary ... and STARS.

Stacy Atkinson & Nick Coroluick from Minards' were guest speakers last week.
It looks like attendance was a little slim, but what would I know since I wasn't there.  LOL

Sure, Vance sat next to Denis so he could get a heap of tickets. 
May 29th - Doug, May 29th - Jeanette Hamm, June 3rd - Marilyn Schuck

May 28th - Greg & Tracy, May 30th - Vic & Bunny, June 2nd - Bruce & Tammy

Meals on Wheels:
June 3rd - Kim, June 10th - Denis, June 17th - Laraine

Emilie's Drivers:
June 4th - Pat; none needed after that

Myron's Drivers:
June 4th - Brenda /Bob, June 11th - Chakra, June 18th - Denis/Laraine

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 21st, 2015 Newsletter

May Program Chair is Dennis
June Program Chair is Ray
July Program Chair is Tom Stephenson

May 28th : evening meeting with presentations
June 4th: business meeting with 2015-16 budget
June 11th: Doug Alexander for Access Childen's Fund
June 18th:  pending
June 25th:  Goliath Recycling

The executive had a successful 2015-16 budget meeting on Tuesday evening. 
 You will be getting information soon.

Emilie greets our speaker Nancy.
Stafford, you are throwing away your money ... only Garnet & Bob ever have their names drawn.
Welcome back, Myron.  You are looking great!
Here is guest Richard Wick with Garnet.
Kim presented a banner from a Whitehorse Rotary Club.

Birthdays:  none

May 23rd:  Doug and Cathie

Meals on Wheels:
May 27th - Jill, June 3rd - Kim, June 10th - Don

Emilie's Drivers:
May 28th - Doug, June 4th - Pat, no drivers needed for 11th & 18th
as Emilie will be on the Western Trip

Myron's Drivers:  (Address is 211 Water Street.)
May 28th - Terry, June 4th - Bob/Brenda, June 11th - Chakra

Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 14th, 2015 Newslettter

May Program Chair is Dennis M.
June Program Chair is Ray

Upcoming Program:
May 21st - Nancy Styles talking about Weyburn's parks
May 28th - evening meeting with money given to local groups
June 4th - business meeting
June 11th - Doug Alexander of Access Children's Fund
June 18th - pending
June 25th - Goliath Recycling

May 16th - Diane
May 17th - Don
May 19th - Vic

May 20th - Darrell & Brenda

Meals on Wheels:
May 20th - Grant P.
May 27th - Jill
June 3rd - Kim

Emilie's Drivers:
May 21st - Bruce
May 28th - Doug
June 4th - Pat

Myron's Drivers:
June 21st - Alex
May 28th - Terry
June 4th - Brenda/Bob

Upcoming Rotary Dates:
May 19th at 7:30 p.m. -executive budget meeting in Mainil Room at WCS
May 24th - MS Walk
June 3rd - executive meeting at 7:45 a.m. in Mainil Room at WCS
August 7th - Golf Ball Drop
September 26th - Lobsterfest

There are no photos from last week's meeting as I wasn't there.  However, I did go to the Humane Society garage sale and found this treasure ...  I know we haven't given ones that look like this in quite some time.  I wonder why the recipient didn't take it out of the box and use it.
Did you know that we are giving up creating the newsletter at the end of June?  Do you want to do it?  It can be in whatever format you want.  Talk to Ray if you are interested.  Another alternative is that I can just add the extra information from the newsletter (upcoming events, meeting programs, etc.) to the weekly minutes.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 7th, 2015 Newsletter

May program chair is Dennis.
June program chair is Ray.

Upcoming Programs:
May 14th - Nick Coroluick of Minards
May 21st - Nancy Styles about Weyburn's parks
May 28th - evening meeting where Rotary will present cheques to local groups
June 4th - business meeting
June 11th - Doug Alexander of Access Children's Fund
June 18th - pending
June 25th - Goliath Recycling

Dennis checked if Nancy is recovering from her recent surgery.
Chakra spoke of the devastation in Nepal after the earthquake and we remembered those who died with a minute of silence.  Bring donations for Shelter Boxes to the next meeting and the club will match them dollar for dollar up to a total of $1000.  As well, the club has budgeted for two other Shelter Boxes and raised enough money for another one at the Dinner Theater.
Vance had a chat with guest Ken Murray.
Terry, Judi, & Deana show off their Farm Safety Day shirts.  Thanks to these three and Sara for working at it.

Christine Cooper, adult programmer at the library, was our guest speaker.
Ray presented Tom with his 25 year pin.
Thanks, thanks, thanks to the Rotarians who worked our annual Dinner Theater.  This year the students performed Footloose.
Bev was our ticket taker.
Chef Larry had explicit instructions.  He and his students did a superior job of cooking, baking, and plating.
The dishwashers were exhausted!
However, when one of the show's performers paid them a visit, they perked up.
Here Garnet displays the scrumptious desserts.
I forgot to get a picture of the whole gang, but thanks to Diane & Don, Garnet & Barb, Vance & Kay, Pat, Gwen, June, Jill, Doug, Bev, Vic & Bob for working at it.

May 7th - June Fletcher, May 12th - Judi

Anniversaries:  none

Meals on Wheels:
May 13th - Greg, May 20th - Grant P., May 27th - Jill

Emilie's Drivers:
May 14th - Brenda, May 21st - Bruce, May 28th - Doug