Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 26th, 2015 Newsletter

March is Rotary Literacy Month

March Program Chair is Laraine
April Program Chair is Diane

Important Dates:
Wednesday, April 29th:  Rotary Dinner Theater ("Footloose")
Thursday, April 30th: Ag Society Safety Fair (volunteers needed)
Sunday, May 24th:  MS Walk
District Conference:  June 18th - 21st
Saturday, August 8th:  Golf Ball Drop
District Conference:  June 18th to 21st 
Saturday, September 26th (tentative):  Lobsterfest

As well, there will be a BIG PARTY in April to sort golf balls.

Here are some photos from two weeks ago.  Mayor Button was guest speaker.

Chakra hosted an East Indian  Holi Color Celebration at Da India House and some of us went.  If such a celebration happens again, we should get a whole group together to attend.  It was fun!

Meals on Wheels:
April 1st - Grant Marions, April 8th - Pat, April 15th - Judi

Emilie's Drivers:
April 2nd - Ray, April 9th - Bev, April 15th - Garnet

March 28th - Darrrell, April 1st - Brad Irwin, April 2nd - Ilene Miles

Anniversaries:  none

How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?

The last question:  Whose sweet baby granddaughter attended the March 5th meeting:  
Answer:  Darrell's

This week's question: 
Who will be our club's 2015-16 president?

If you would like to take over our club's newsletter starting July 1st, let Brenda, Ray, or Dale know.  The position is now open.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 12th, 2015 Newsletter

This is very important:  if you have read this newsletter, text Brenda at 306-861-8642 or email her at to let her know you have read it.  The counter indicates very few read the newsletter and I want to see if that is true or if it is counting wrong.

March is Literacy Month

March program chair is Laraine
April program chair is Diane

March Program:
March 12th - Mayor Button - State of the City
March 19th - Bruce Kwochka - Rotary Foundation
March 26th - Deana Mainil - vocational talk

Update on Myron:  Myron is coming along slowly but surely and he would love visits.

Darrell gave an amazing presentation about his amazing month long walk 
in the way of St. James (Camino del Santiago).  Thanks, Darrell!
Joanne was there to enjoy every minute of the meal, the chats, the presentation, the wine!
Bev gave a romantic tribute to her soul mate Don.
Visiting is always great at evening meetings.

Seriously, who puts ketchup on perogies?
Nothing but smiles.
This isn't a good photo but it's a good man in the photo!
  Ray, it was wonderful to have you back among us.
Birthdays:  March 14th - Brenda
Anniversaries:  none

Meals on Wheels:
March 18th - Bruce, March 25th - Doug, April 1st - Grant Marinos

Emilie's Drivers:  
March 19th - Vic, March 26th - Janice, April 2nd - Ray Hamm

How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?

Last week's question: 
 Many Rotarians are taking winter holidays.  Who had four canceled flights?
Bob and Brenda

This week's question:  
At last Thursday's meeting, whose guest was this little beauty?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 5th, 2015 Newsletter

March is Literacy Month

March Program Chair is Laraine Tremblay
April Program Chair is Diane Horner

Here Ted greets last week's guest speaker Don Kraft.
Rhonda and Diane have a chat.
The 50/50 will soon approach $500!  Buy tickets.  Buy lots of tickets.  
Your chance of drawing the queen of diamonds improves every week.
Only Stafford thought the joke was funny!  Maybe it was one of Dale's.  Oh, wait! 
 Not even Stafford thinks Dale's jokes are funny.
The Ukrainian meal before the Poltava Dancers was a great opportunity
 for our club to pair with another group.
A local dance group entertained during the meal and they
were cuteness personified.
The ticket sellers had front row seats for the little dancers.
Rotarians and their partners also supported the event by eating.
Stan Ganczar and his group were the true organizers.
Everyone had smiles.

Birthdays:  March 8th - Gwen

Anniversaries:  March 6th - Duane & Lorrie Schultz

Meals on Wheels:
March 11th - Bob, March 18th - Bruce, March 25th - Doug

Emilie's Drivers:
March 12th - Dale, March 19 - Vic, March 26th - Janice

How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?

Last week's question:  Who had four canceled flights in a row?  The poor Kings did.  They were supposed to be in NYC Sunday morning and were stuck in Toronto until midafternoon Tuesday.

This week's question:  Who is going to holiday in Malta and Sicily?