Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 31, 2014 Newsletter

The Kings will be in Montana for ten days so there will be no blogged newsletter next week.

We met at Captain's Hall on July 24th as the Legion was redoing their flooring.  There was terrific attendance for a summer meeting.
Aha!  I let Myron finish chewing, but caught Bob in the act.
Joyce Cantin, our guest speaker, talked about volunteering.
Felipe our inbound and Olivia, our recently returned outbound, had lots to chat about.  Olivia's presentation on her year in France will be in the evening on August 28th.
Ron and Chakra sat in the corner - not because they were bad - but because it was closer to the food!
Ray brought his son Trevor.  I can definitely see the family resemblance.
What would we do without April and Tom?
Here's a look at our seating arrangement.
Meals on Wheels:  July 30th - Ron Milleker, August 6th - David May, August 13th - Greg Nikkel
Birthdays:  August 6th - Michele Craigen, August 8th - Mirjam Egle, August 11th - Joanne Thomson
Anniversaries:  July 31st - Ray & Jeanette Hamm
Last week's question:  Who is the club's newest grandfather?  At the time of asking the question, the answer was Terry Chapelsky but since then Ted and Rhonda Hillstead have announced that they too have a new grandchild.  Congratulations to all!
This week's question:  Which 6 club members had perfect attendance for the 2013-14 year?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 24th Newsletter

This newsletter is nice and early as Bob and I will be in Minnesota for a few days and I don't want to get behind.
Meals on Wheels:  July 23rd - Alex Miles, July 30 - Ron Milleker, August 7th - David May
Birthdays:  July 28th - Chakra Balayar
Anniversaries:  July 28th - Denis and Laraine Tremblay, July 28th - Janice and Laurie Giroux
Our mystery speaker was Stafford who has a broken ankle.  He did his vocational talk in 1978 and apparently it was popular as he was asked to do it again today!  The program chair (Stafford) asked him to do it!
Three gentlemen:
Summertime Rotary is full of laughs so you should get to as many meetings as possible.
This photo makes it look like Anna lost an arm while volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, but she, Felipe, and Alvena had an injury-free day.  Volunteer for this worthwhile endeavor if you can.
More laughs at the meeting and I think it was all about lending Michele a quarter for the 50/50.
Happy 49th anniversary to these young folks!
How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?
Last week's question was who is our  2014-15 district governor and the answer is Pat Chernesky.
This week's question:  Who is our club's newest grandfather?

A Bit of Our History

Jim Nedelcov had some copies of this program and passed them on to April who passed one on to me.  By the way, if you have never seen Jim's Weyburn collection, you should check it out at Heritage Village.  It is one of the treasures of our community.
I love a sense of history and this program shows part of the rich history of our club.  Do you recognize any of the names?

Here's the menu from the celebration.  I saw in the program that the Rotary International President that year was Este Snedecor, thus the name of the sauce.  The Weyburn Club was part of District 19.

2014-15 Program Chairs

President-Elect Ray has set up the program chairs for 2014-15.  Please check the list.  If you are on the list and cannot do your month, contact Ray or Dale.
September - Gwen Wright
October - Vance Molder
November - Garnet Hart
December - Vic Wiebe
January - Anna Fish
February - Ron Milleker
March - Laraine Tremblay
April - Dennis McRae
May - Diane Horner
June - Norma Hewitt-Lendrum

Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 10th, 2014 Meeting

Meals on Wheels:  July 16th - Dennis McRae, July 23rd - Alex Miles, July 30th - Ron Milleker

Student Drivers:  None are needed for the summer.

Birthdays:  July 21st - Tracy Nikkel

Anniversaries:  July 17th - Gary and Lois Anderson

At an evening meeting two stupendous speakers kept us informed.  Hiroki and Felipe did a joint presentation on their Canadian year and their Western Trip.  There was laughter galore when we learned how much Hiroki "grew" at the Lenfernas' and how Felipe had photos of himself in shirtsleeves when it was -23C to show his friends at home that he was not only surviving the cold weather but that he was used to it.  The boys' presentation showed that they had experiences such as skiing, snowboarding, waterskiing, white water rafting, and fishing.  Classes they really enjoyed at the Comp were foods, choir, and art.  Our club has been lucky to have these two polite, interesting, personable young men with us this year.  This was Hiroki's last meeting with us, but Felipe is here until mid August.
There are serious drinkers in every club!

We haven't printed "The Kiss" as the Mays' 39th anniversary photo, but rather the one of their 39th anniversary handshake.
Diane debuted as Sergeant at Arms and she showed no mercy when she fined our president.
Denis gave details about our upcoming golf ball drop.  Get ready to sell tickets!
No tears were shed until the boys exchanged banners.
Hiroki wanted a group photo and I must say we are a handsome group.
UPCOMING EVENTS:  Mark your calendar.
Farewell barbeque for Hiroki - Tuesday, July 15th at 6:30
at the gazebo at Riverside Park
Barbeque will be provided but please bring potluck salad or dessert
plus lawn chairs, and bug spray.
Everyone is welcome including your partners, children, and friends.
Rike and her parents are coming to Canada and will be in Weyburn from
August 19th to August 22nd.  The Lodens are hosting a potluck at their house
on Tuesday, August 19th.  More details will follow.
How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?
Last question was to name the Rotarians who have or will be attending shows in Stratford, ON this summer.  The answer is Bob, Brenda, Vic, and Tom.
This week's question is "name the 2014-15 District Governor of 5550."

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 3rd Meeting

For the summer our newsletter is going paperless since it's so difficult to guess how many will be at meeting.  Bookmark this site and watch it regularly for pictures and other good information.  If this meets everyone's satisfaction, we will probably stay paperless in the fall.  Give us (Bob & Brenda) your feedback.
Bob and I attended a Rotary meeting in Linlithgow, Scotland.  The president of the club wears this fancy regalia which has the names of previous presidents on it.
Meanwhile their Sargeant-at-Arms wears a rather ridiculous sash that looks like something Miss World would wear.  We had to recreate is because we knew Doug would go for the glamorous look.
Well, maybe not!
Although Ray and Stafford had a good chuckle over it.
Meals on Wheels:  July 16th - Dennis McRae, July 23rd - Alex Miles, July 30 - Ron Milleker
Student drivers:  none are needed for the summer.
Birthdays:  July 10th - Barb Hart, July 10th - Cathie Loden,
Anniversaries:  July 11th - Pat & David May, July 17th - Gary and Lois Anderson
Here Don and Diane are enjoying the article about Horner Law Office which appeared in Lifestyles magazine.
50/50:  Carried over.  It should be a good one for our evening meeting on July 10th.
Duane modeled a vest.  He is taking orders for a similar one except that it will say Roatry Club of Weyburn at Work.  Let Duane know if you want one.  The cost with everything included is $32.
Our one guest was Trina Warren from Regina.  Hiroki and Felipe were not in attendance as they were at Camp Whitney in Flin Flon for their last Rotary Youth Exchange gathering.  I imagine some tears were shed.  Hiroki's last meeting is the evening of July 10th.  Come out to wish him well and to say good-bye.  How lucky our club has been to get two such wonderful exchange students this year!
There is lots of congratulations going to members of our club.
Congratulations to
*Janine on her engagement
*Chakra & his wife on the birth of their second daughter
*Gwen on the birth of her second granddaughter
*Dale and his new executive as they start the new Rotary year
Here's Bob presenting banners from Rotary clubs in Stirling, Scotland and Linlithgow, Scotland.  Wherever you travel, you will be warmly welcomed by Rotary clubs if you attend their meetings.  RI has a Club Locator on their site which makes it so easy to find the clubs.