Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 25th, 2014 Newsletter

Rest in Peace, Ron.
This week one of our loyal, respected Rotarians passed away during his 20th year as a member of the Rotary Club of Weyburn.  Ron, we will remember you with fondness and we mourn with your family.  You can see the obituary here: 

September is New Generations' Month

Meals on Wheels:  October 1st:  Kim Thorson, October 8th:  Denis Tremblay, October 15th:  Laraine Tremblay

Emilie's Drivers:  to be arranged

Birthdays:  none

Anniversaries:  September 26th:  Sara and Brad Irwin

President Dale and Anna are back from their trip to England.  Ray and Pat did a great job of covering presidential duties while Dale was away.
Lynne Kot who was guest speaker on September 18th spoke about Concert Series.
Here Miriam and Bev are having a chat while guest Terry listens in.
Vance and Ray look mystified by our alphabetical system for name tags.
Everyone hears what's for lunch.
Dale and Myron present the Golf Ball Drop third prize $1000 cheque to Doug Probe.
Dale presents the second prize $3000 cheque to Ken and Susan Kot.
Cody Grimes who won first prize of $5000 returned $2500 to Rotary.  Garnet turned his winnings from the putting contest back to Rotary as well.  We admire these men and thank them.  Here's Cody receiving his cheque.
Here's a photo of the golf ball drop which Henry Jones took from a different angle.
While Dale and Anna were in England, they attended a Rotary meeting in Retford where they exchanged banners.
They stayed with Alec and Marion whom they met in Taiwan on the Rotary Friendship Exchange.
This matters only to Jill, Michele, and Brenda but Marion owns a quilt shop where stitchers can come to shop and visit.
How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?
Last week's question:  Which nosy Rotarian is asking members for their birth years?  Brenda.  This is because Rotary International wants the information.
This week's question?  36% of our members were all born in which decade?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 18th, 2014 Newsletter

September is New Generations Month

Meals on Wheels:  September 24th - Jill Thorn, October 1st - Kim Thorson, October 8th - Denis Tremblay

Emilie's Drivers:  to be arranged

Birthdays:  September 18th - Greg Nikkel

Anniversaries:  none

Here's Judy handing in her golf ball drop tickets and money. 
Vickie Betker was our guest speaker.
Pat served as chair for the meeting as we seemed to be missing the president, the past-president and the president-elect.  Don't worry!  They all had excellent excuses.
Bob was birthday boy!
I can't figure it out.  Are the members laughing with Sergeant Doug or at him?
And now on to Sunday's Golf Ball Drop.  Rotarians, be proud.  Be very proud indeed.  Show your gratitude to organizers Denis and Darrell and their committee because they had everything so organized that everything worked perfectly.  Our thanks to Mainils for the crane and bucket and thanks to all Rotarians who sold tickets.  I assume 100% of us sold so we can all bask in the glory.  Next year can be bigger and better as we now have the template to go on.
All ages tried there luck at putting in the 50/50 contest.  This fellow may not have won the 50/50 for putt closest to the cup, but he did win $5 from his grandma.
The balls were loaded efficiently and quickly.
Up they went ....
... and down they came!
Here Denis is pulling the winning balls from the cup.  The first prize of $5000 went to Cody Grimes of Arcola , second prize of $3000 went to Susan and Ken Kot of Weyburn, and third prize of $1000 went to Doug Probe of Weyburn.
Everyone from age two up to people in their eighties helped pick up balls and that job was complete in about ten minutes.  I don't think we lost a ball, but when we organize them back into their bags for next year, we will find out.

District Governor Pat Chernestky will visit our club on Thursday, October 30th.  Mark your calendar.
How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?
Last week's question:  Which Rotarian lent his/her garage for the golf ball numbering? 
 Answer:  Darrell
This week's question:  Which nosy Rotarian is asking everyone for their birth year?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 11th, 2014 Newsletter

September is New Generations Month

Meals on Wheels:  September 17th - Tom Stephenson, September 24th - Jill Thorn

Student Drivers:  to be arranged

Birthdays:  September 11th - Bob King

Anniversaries:  none

Emilie Spillebean our new inbound exchange student has arrived!  Emilie, who is from Belgium, is presently staying at Jill's and then will move to Graingers'.  Doug is her counselor.

The golf ball drop is almost here!  Denis did a test run of the bucket on the crane and it worked perfectly.  It's the job of the rest of us to make sure the bucket is filled with 6000 balls.  We're coming to the deadline for selling tickets so quickly approach the rest of your family, friends, and neighbors.  Buy a few yourself as the Saskatchewan Lottery Licensing Commission has confirmed that Rotarians may buy tickets.
Don't forget that the ball drop is this Sunday at 5.  Even if you haven't signed up to help, come on out to see this happen.  The more Rotarians there, the better.  Consider entering the golf tournament too as it's a two person/best ball tournament and it starts at 11.  There will be an all day, 50/50 putting contest which you really should enter as the money will add up quickly and you might even do better than the best golfers!  There will be a hot dog/hamburger barbeque from 4 to 6. We are fundraising for STARS Ambulance with this fundraiser and they will be there so go over and chat with them.  It's going to be fun!
We had twins at last week's meeting!
How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?
Last week's question:  Which Rotarian has a child getting married next weekend?  Answer:  Mal
This week's question:  Which Rotarian lent his/her garage for the golf ball numbering?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 4th, 2014 Newsletter

September is New Generation Month
Did you notice our new sign hanging at the Legion?
Meals on Wheels:  September 10th - Bev Hansen, September 17th - Tom Stephenson, September 24th - Jill Thorn

Birthdays:  September 10th - Ron Milleker

Anniversaries:  none

Upcoming events:  Golf Ball Drop on Sunday, September 14th.  Sell those tickets!  Come out for the fun!

Our guest speaker last week was Olivia Lenferna, our outbound student for 2013-14.  She spent her year in Thionville, France, and gave us insight into her year and her travels.  The large crowd at the evening meeting enjoyed her presentation and the turkey supper.
There was lots of socializing before the meal.

Ashley Koszman, our outbound student to Russia in 2012-13, was at the meeting to hear Olivia's presentation.  There were a couple of handsome men with Ashley and Bev, but they faded away when the camera came out.
Here President-Elect Ray accepts the Thionville banner from Olivia.
Sara checked out some of the treasures on Olivia's blazer.
Don Hansen proudly showed photos of his granddaughter's wedding.

Last week's question:  Which Rotarian has sold the most golf ball drop tickets?  Denis Tremblay has but Vance is hot on his heels.  Perhaps you can beat both of them!

This week's question:  Which Rotarian has a child getting married this weekend?