Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 22, 2015 Newsletter

January is Rotary Awareness Month
January 29th program is Rotarian Bruce Kwochka speaking about the Rotary Foundation.

January program chair:  Anna Fish
February program chair:  Rhonda Hillstead

Here's a photo of Chakra in Nepal.  He is presently there doing lots of good work for Rotary including delivering our $1000 scholarship cheque and helping to select the students for the scholarships.

In this photo he is with Jesuit priest Father Bill Robins who is a friend of Tom Schuck's brother and a former teacher at Regina's Campion College.  Father Bill has been teaching Nepalese children for 45 years and has helped establish five schools and one college in Nepal.  Here Chakra and Father Bill are in front of the highly reputed St. Xavier School.

Friday Chakra is presenting his powerpoint to the Rotary Club of Dhangadhi.
I'm glad we can profile this photo of Chakra on his travels.  Those of you who are heading off on winter holidays, consider emailing me a photo of you enjoying yourself so I can add it to our Rotary newsletter.  You can email me at 

Kim eagerly awaits the meeting.
In February we will celebrate Stafford's 40th anniversary with Rotary.  Ray Yurkowski is also celebrating 40 years with Rotary and Bev is celebrating 25 years.  Duane is organizing the occasion.
Here Anna chats with visitor Jeevitha.
Bruce and Greg haven't been in the newsletter lately.  Remember that Bruce is speaking at our noon meeting on January 29th.
Speaker Nancy took time to pose with Alex.  Nancy's vocational talk last week was very informative.
Michele and Bev are all smiles.
Meals on Wheels:  January 28th - Garnet, February 4th - Norma, February 11th - Diane

Emilie's drivers:  January 29th - Stafford, February 5th - Mal, February 12th - Terry

Birthdays:  January 28th - Don Hansen, January 28th - Glen Styles

Anniversaries:  none
How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?
Last week's question:  Which Rotarian is heading up the purchase of new Rotary shirts?  Vance
This week's question:  Which six Chocolate and Nut Tray committee members will be very, very happy when the campaign is wrapped up?  (If you sold to some who haven't paid yet, please beg them to pay.)

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