Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 28th, 2015 Newsletter

Program Chairs:
June - Ray
July Tom Stephenson
August - Nancy
September - Tom Schuck
October - Ted
November - Deana
December - Miriam
January - Dave
February - Bruce
March - Chakra
April - Stafford
May - Darrell
June - Alvena

Upcoming Programs:
June 4th - business meeting with 2015-16 budget approval & executive elections
June 11th - Doug Alexander of Access Children's Fund
June 18th - Jaynie Himsl about fiber art exhibits in city during summer
June 25th - Goliath Recycling

How are your Golf Ball Drop ticket sales going?  Mine would be going great if Vance & Dale didn't beat me to some of the select customers.  Oh, well, it's all for the good of Rotary ... and STARS.

Stacy Atkinson & Nick Coroluick from Minards' were guest speakers last week.
It looks like attendance was a little slim, but what would I know since I wasn't there.  LOL

Sure, Vance sat next to Denis so he could get a heap of tickets. 
May 29th - Doug, May 29th - Jeanette Hamm, June 3rd - Marilyn Schuck

May 28th - Greg & Tracy, May 30th - Vic & Bunny, June 2nd - Bruce & Tammy

Meals on Wheels:
June 3rd - Kim, June 10th - Denis, June 17th - Laraine

Emilie's Drivers:
June 4th - Pat; none needed after that

Myron's Drivers:
June 4th - Brenda /Bob, June 11th - Chakra, June 18th - Denis/Laraine

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