Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 21st, 2014 Newsletter

August is Membership and Extension Month

Embrace Change!
Rotarians are always ready for changes, aren't they?  The meeting on August 21st will have two changes.  One is that our name tags are now alphabetized so your tags will be easier to find.  The box that holds the name tags gets dumped from time to time and this will make it easier to sort the tags. 

Did you know that the back of your name tag shows the year you joined Rotary?  This year was taken from the Rotary International records.

The other change is that we will be doing our 50/50s differently now.

Tickets will still be one for $2, but if you want a deal, you can buy three for $5.  If your ticket is drawn you will draw a card from a deck of cards.  Prior to the first drawing, one card will be drawn and announced and placed back in the deck.  If you pick that card, you win the 50/50 and the process will start over with a new deck of cards.  If you do not draw that card, the card you selected will be discarded thus increasing the odds of drawing the selected card in the future.  You will win $5 for being drawn that week.  The pot will build from week to week so that if the designated card is not drawn for a number of weeks, the pot will be very large.  Only tickets from that week will be eligible; none are carried over.

Meals on Wheels:  August 20th - Brenda King, August 27th - Grant Paulson, September 3rd - Duane Schultz

Birthdays:  none

Anniversaries:  none

April always enjoys the members' jokes.
Vance is the one who came up with the idea of the golf ball drop.  He's busy selling his tickets.  Are you?  Denis is chairing this fundraiser.
Maureen was busy with another group she works with.  She chaired a very successful Wheat Festival.  Congratulations!
Sara can remove her red dot as she brought her sister Ava to a meeting.  Remember to bring a guest (not your partner) to a Rotary meeting and then you can remove your red dot.  It's good for non- Rotarians to see what we are about.
Anna presents Mirjam with her name tag.
Last week was Felipe's last meeting with us as he returned to Brazil on the 16th.  We wish him well and hope he has opportunities for return visits to Weyburn.

At last week's meeting we celebrated his Canadian birthday.
On August 19th Lodens hosted a potluck evening for Rike and her family.  Rike, our last year's inbound student, her parents, and her sister and brother are in Weyburn for a few days.  Rike will be at Thursday's meeting so be sure to attend and catch up on her busy life.

Here's Rike with all her parents - her biological parents and the four host parents she had while with our club.
Rike and April have a special bond.

Thanks, Doug and Cathie, for hosting!
Last week's question:  Who is our newest member?  Answer:  Mirjam
This week's question:  What year did you join Rotary.

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