Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 18th, 2014 Newsletter

September is New Generations Month

Meals on Wheels:  September 24th - Jill Thorn, October 1st - Kim Thorson, October 8th - Denis Tremblay

Emilie's Drivers:  to be arranged

Birthdays:  September 18th - Greg Nikkel

Anniversaries:  none

Here's Judy handing in her golf ball drop tickets and money. 
Vickie Betker was our guest speaker.
Pat served as chair for the meeting as we seemed to be missing the president, the past-president and the president-elect.  Don't worry!  They all had excellent excuses.
Bob was birthday boy!
I can't figure it out.  Are the members laughing with Sergeant Doug or at him?
And now on to Sunday's Golf Ball Drop.  Rotarians, be proud.  Be very proud indeed.  Show your gratitude to organizers Denis and Darrell and their committee because they had everything so organized that everything worked perfectly.  Our thanks to Mainils for the crane and bucket and thanks to all Rotarians who sold tickets.  I assume 100% of us sold so we can all bask in the glory.  Next year can be bigger and better as we now have the template to go on.
All ages tried there luck at putting in the 50/50 contest.  This fellow may not have won the 50/50 for putt closest to the cup, but he did win $5 from his grandma.
The balls were loaded efficiently and quickly.
Up they went ....
... and down they came!
Here Denis is pulling the winning balls from the cup.  The first prize of $5000 went to Cody Grimes of Arcola , second prize of $3000 went to Susan and Ken Kot of Weyburn, and third prize of $1000 went to Doug Probe of Weyburn.
Everyone from age two up to people in their eighties helped pick up balls and that job was complete in about ten minutes.  I don't think we lost a ball, but when we organize them back into their bags for next year, we will find out.

District Governor Pat Chernestky will visit our club on Thursday, October 30th.  Mark your calendar.
How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?
Last week's question:  Which Rotarian lent his/her garage for the golf ball numbering? 
 Answer:  Darrell
This week's question:  Which nosy Rotarian is asking everyone for their birth year?

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