Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 4th, 2014 Newsletter

September is New Generation Month
Did you notice our new sign hanging at the Legion?
Meals on Wheels:  September 10th - Bev Hansen, September 17th - Tom Stephenson, September 24th - Jill Thorn

Birthdays:  September 10th - Ron Milleker

Anniversaries:  none

Upcoming events:  Golf Ball Drop on Sunday, September 14th.  Sell those tickets!  Come out for the fun!

Our guest speaker last week was Olivia Lenferna, our outbound student for 2013-14.  She spent her year in Thionville, France, and gave us insight into her year and her travels.  The large crowd at the evening meeting enjoyed her presentation and the turkey supper.
There was lots of socializing before the meal.

Ashley Koszman, our outbound student to Russia in 2012-13, was at the meeting to hear Olivia's presentation.  There were a couple of handsome men with Ashley and Bev, but they faded away when the camera came out.
Here President-Elect Ray accepts the Thionville banner from Olivia.
Sara checked out some of the treasures on Olivia's blazer.
Don Hansen proudly showed photos of his granddaughter's wedding.

Last week's question:  Which Rotarian has sold the most golf ball drop tickets?  Denis Tremblay has but Vance is hot on his heels.  Perhaps you can beat both of them!

This week's question:  Which Rotarian has a child getting married this weekend?

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