Friday, December 19, 2014

December 19th, 2014 - January 15th, 2015 Newsletter

December is Family Month.
January is Rotary Awareness Month.

December Chair is Vic Wiebe.
January Chair is Anna Fish.

There are no meetings on December 25th & January 1st.

January Program:
January 8th:  business meeting, program reports
January 15th:  Nancy Styles - vocational talk
January 22nd (evening meeting):  author Jennifer Kuchinka from Estevan about her experiences with post partum depression and brain injury
January 29th:  Bruce Kwochka on the Rotary Foundation

Executive Meeting is January 7th at 6:45 a.m. in the Mainil Dressing Room at the Comp.

Emilie is a charming young woman and she would love to spend some time with you.  You don't need anything unusual to do with her.  She would be just as happy having a meal with you, visiting, playing board games with your family or anything else as simple as these.  Check this week's minutes for her cell number.

Anna provided the following photos from the International Women's Christmas party.

Emilie, Bob & Brenda braved the cold weather to see the Holiday Train.
After, she and some Rotarians and their partners ate yule log and other goodies.

The Christmas party was a success.  It was great to see Art Wallace in his lit-up tie which he created himself.  A few years back we bestowed a Paul Harris on Art for all he does in the community.
Joanne and Michele had a pre-meal laugh.  Michele, thanks for organizing the party!
Ilene & Alex Miles weren't just there for the turkey supper.  They were there for Alex to receive his Paul Harris +4 Fellowship.

Dale presented Colleen Hagel of the Cadets with a cheque for $300 for the help of the Cadets at the Lobsterfest.  Colleen was particularly touched when two chocolate and nut trays were auctioned off later with that money also donated to the Cadets.
Those receiving Paul Harris Fellowships were Vic Wiebe, Alex Miles (+4), & Terry Chapelsky (2).  Ron Milleker, who passed away earlier this year, also achieved one.
Mal Barber & Tom Stephenson were the auctioneers.
Brenda King & Barb Hart were sparkly ... and a little out of focus!
Birthdays:  December 19th - Vance Molder, December 28th - Janice Giroux, December 28th - Ted Hillstead, December 30th - Janine Beaulieu, December 31st - EMILIE SPILLIBEAN, January 13th - Anna Fish
Anniversaries:  December 21st - Michele & Dave Craigen, December 23rd - Bev & Don Hansen, December 30th - Myron & June Fletcher, January 6th - Garnet & Barb Hart
Meals on Wheels:  December 24th - Anna Fish, Deember 31st - Dale Fish, January 7th - Janice Giroux, January 14th - Ray Hamm
Emilie's Drivers:  January 8th - Vic Wiebe, January 15th - Gwen Wright
How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?
Last week's question:  Which Rotarian who has been married 59 years will be with his wife and all his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren for Christmas?  Alex Miles
This week's question:  Which Rotarian brought his/her son to the Christmas party?

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