Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 26th, 2015 Newsletter

February is World Understanding Month

February Program Chair is Rhonda Hillstead
March Program Chair is Laraine Tremblay

Thanks goes to Duane for planning the celebration of Ray Yurkowski's and Stafford Nimegeers' 40th anniversary with Rotary.  Let's hope many, many of us stay around so that we can someday celebrate our 40 years with Rotary too.

Nancy stood in as treasurer for Jill who holidaying in a snowless place.
Here is 80 collective years of Rotary knowledge.
Ray and Duane have a chat.
This photo makes it look like it's still in the days when women couldn't be Rotarians.
Here's Stafford with some of our archives.
Thanks to the Rotarians who helped with the city's WInterfest.  Finally there was a year when it was warm enough to be held.
The Rotary vests look great.
Which one is the clown?  Bob took in Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey Circus in NYC.
Meals on Wheels:  March 4th - Brenda, March 11th - Bob, March 18th - Bruce

Emilie's Drivers:  March 5th - Anna, March 12th - Dale

Birthdays:  February 26th - Sara, March 2nd - Kim Thorson, March 2nd - Dale Mainil

Anniversaries:  none

How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?

Last week's question:  25 years ago, which Rotarian took exchange student Minna from Finland on a ski trip.  The answer is Alex.

This week's question:  Many Rotarians have been taking winter holidays.  Who had four canceled flights in a row?

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