Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 16th, 2015 Newsletter

April is Magazine Month

April Program Chair is Diane.
May Program Chair is Dennis M.

April 16th Program (evening meeting):  Emilie's presentation about Belgium.
April 23rd:  Matthew Warren speaking about South Hill spray park.
April 30th:  Jodi Abel speaking about Pink Walk Day & anti-bullying.

April got out the big money to pay for her meal.

Maureen congratulates Bev on her 25 years with Rotary.
We were all happy to see our friend and fellow Rotarian Gordon Liddle.
Emilie continues to sell wheat bags.  She will be selling them again at this Thursday's meeting. They each cost $15.

Don Hansen was a guest at last week's meeting.
The Rotarian wearing this shoe is back from three months down south.
Who is it?
Michele's back too!
Terry's back!
Who's not back yet?  Tom Stephenson ... anyone else?

It was our pleasure to celebrate Bev's 25 years of Rotary and to hear her reminisces as well as Gordon Liddle's  Gordon was president of the club 25 yars ago.

We had an excellent golf ball sorting morning at Darryll's with many Rotarians coming out.
Thanks to Denis and Darryll for once again heading up this major fundraiser which will be on August 8th.  They make the rest of the job so easy for the rest of us!

Meals on Wheels:
April 22nd - Dave, April 29th - Dennis M., May 6th - Alex

Emilie's Drivers:
April 23rd:  Sara, April 30th - Judi, May 7th - Bob

April 16th - Dale, April 16th - Darlene Nimegeers, April 17th - Nancy Paulson


Dates to Remember:
April 16th: evening meeting with Emilie's presentation
April 25th:  Rotary Training Day in Regina
May 2nd:  Rotary Dinner Theater
May 24th:  MS Walk
June 18th -21st:  District Conference
August 8th:  Golf Ball Drop
September 26th:  Lobsterfest

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