Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 23rd, 2015 Newsletter

April is Magazine Month

April Program Chair is Diane.
May Program Chair is Dennis.
June Program Chair is Norma.

Meeting Programs:
April 30th:  Jodi Abel - Pink Day Walk Against Bullying
May 7th: business meeting
May 14th:  Nick Coraluik - Minard's, one of 50 best managed companies in Canada
May 21st:  Nancy Styles - Weyburn's Parks
May 28th:  evening meeting

Sorry, I was so excited to see Myron at our meeting that I forgot to take a photo of him.  Myron, we were all glad to see you and we wish you continued recovery.

I think Tom is the last of our snowbirds to return home.  We're glad everyone had safe, fun holidays.
Evening meetings are fun because fun partners are with us.
Here's Emilie ready for her presentation.
Guests came out to hear her.

Duane, Jill may want an explanation about why all the money was wine-stained.

Who took home the recipe for these and made them the very next day?  (Actually, Emilie, they were really good.)

Alex and Vance received their 25 year pins from Ray.

Here's Emilie with her host families.  They look like pretty ordinary people, don't they?
Or do they?
Upcoming Rotary Events:
May 2nd:  Rotary Dinner Theater
May 24th:  MS Walk
August 7th (note date change):  Golf Ball Drop
September 26th:  Lobsterfest

April 24th:  April, April 25th: Rhonda

April 28th:  April & Stan, April 28th:  Mal & Delaine

Meals on Wheels:
April 29th:  Dennis, May 6th:  Alex, May 13th:  Greg

Emilie's Drivers:
April 30th:  Judi, May 7th:  Bob, May 14th: Brenda

Did you know that I am giving up making the weekly newsletter as of June 30th?  It's an opportunity for YOU to take on the job.  Talk to Ray or Dale if interested.

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