Tuesday, June 3, 2014

RI Convention in Sydney, Australia

It's an exciting week in Sydney, Australia as the RI Convention is in full swing.  Bob & I long to be there but the next best thing is hearing about it from our dear friends the Booths and by reading about it in the media.
Our friends Lyn and Colin live in a northern suburb of Sydney not far from Homebush where the event is being held. Colin is this year's president of his Rotary Club (Carlingford) and has taken a week off his job to volunteer at the convention.
One of the pre-activities which some Rotarians took part in was a climb of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  348 took part which broke the record of most climbers at once, a title previously held by Oprah Winfrey and her fans.  As well, the Rotarians broke a record for most flags unfurled - 278 - while on the bridge climb.  Most importantly, the climb raised $108,000 for Polio Plus.
As Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott spoke at the opening of the conference, he announced his government's pledge of $100 million over 5 years for polio eradication.  Wow!
Here' s a photo of our friend Colin and another member of his club with 2013-14 RI President Ron Burton. 
Colin was one of the flag bearers.  We told him to try grab Canada's, but it looks like he got Iceland's.  Judi and I don't mind that as we plan to do a Rotary Friendship Exchange to Iceland someday, don't we, Judi?

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