Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Successful Rotary MS Walk - May 25, 2014

Michele once again co-ordinated Rotarians for a successful walk for MS.  Thanks, Michele!  The other good news is that she says if she has as much help again as she had this year, then she
 will co-ordinate next year's too.  I haven't seen a final number, but over $14,000 was raised.
Registration in the new Colleen Weimer Hallway of the Comp.
Janine gave out tee shirts.
Duane made sure of major sponsors were recognized.
Lunch after the walk.
What's wrong with the picture?  Four male "supervisors" and one very efficient female worker.
On extremely short notice, our good sport Felipe skateboarded over to have a true Canadian experience - being the A & W bear.

He had the sweatiest job of them all but enjoyed every minute of it.
Thanks Nutan and Rakesh for bringing the costume - and the food - over.
Felipe made quite the conquest.  Here are three adorable girls who want to marry him someday!

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