Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 27th, 2014 Newsletter

November is Rotary Foundation Month
Make cheques payable to the Rotary Club of Weyburn and
 Jill will send all the money to RI at once.

Dare I call this gentleman the "treasurer-in-waiting"?
Parents helped the junior RYLA team set up.
If you want enthusiasm at a meeting, ask teenagers to be the guest speakers!
Tom is being pampered to the extreme while he recuperates.
Here some of the senior RYLA group pose for a selfie.  Ben (on the left) will be our outbound exchange student for 2015-16.
Emilie brought her host sister Willow and her host mom Marie.  By their smiles you can tell how much they enjoy each other.
Here are two Rotarians who haven't been in the newsletter lately.
We had excellent turnout for this evening meeting.

Dale presented Duane with the past-president's pin.
Pat inducted our newest member Deana Mainil.  Welcome, Deana!
Dale presented STARS rep Vanessa Headford with a Rotary cheque of $6000, half the money raised through our first annual golf ball drop.  He also presented a cheque for $2500 from the first place winner of the golf ball drop.
Both RYLA groups came together for a RYLA cheer.
Here are nine of the ten students that we sent to RYLA camps last summer.  Weyburn consistently sends the most students from our district to these worthwhile camps.
Some of the students got Bob in a selfie ... his first ever.
Great students!  Great presentations!  Great evening!
Meals on Wheels:  December 3rd - Terry Chapelsky, December 10th - Michele Craigen, December 17th - Alvena Dubnyk

Emilie's Drivers:  December 4th - Kim Thorson, December 11th - Denis Tremblay, December 18th - Laraine Tremblay

Birthdays:  November 27th - Mal Barber

Anniversaries:  none

How well do you know your fellow Rotarians:

Last week's question:  Which Rotarian is presently vacationing in England?  Jill

This week's question:  How many of our members are planning a warm winter vacation?

Bonus question:  What does RYLA stand for?


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