Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 3rd Meeting

For the summer our newsletter is going paperless since it's so difficult to guess how many will be at meeting.  Bookmark this site and watch it regularly for pictures and other good information.  If this meets everyone's satisfaction, we will probably stay paperless in the fall.  Give us (Bob & Brenda) your feedback.
Bob and I attended a Rotary meeting in Linlithgow, Scotland.  The president of the club wears this fancy regalia which has the names of previous presidents on it.
Meanwhile their Sargeant-at-Arms wears a rather ridiculous sash that looks like something Miss World would wear.  We had to recreate is because we knew Doug would go for the glamorous look.
Well, maybe not!
Although Ray and Stafford had a good chuckle over it.
Meals on Wheels:  July 16th - Dennis McRae, July 23rd - Alex Miles, July 30 - Ron Milleker
Student drivers:  none are needed for the summer.
Birthdays:  July 10th - Barb Hart, July 10th - Cathie Loden,
Anniversaries:  July 11th - Pat & David May, July 17th - Gary and Lois Anderson
Here Don and Diane are enjoying the article about Horner Law Office which appeared in Lifestyles magazine.
50/50:  Carried over.  It should be a good one for our evening meeting on July 10th.
Duane modeled a vest.  He is taking orders for a similar one except that it will say Roatry Club of Weyburn at Work.  Let Duane know if you want one.  The cost with everything included is $32.
Our one guest was Trina Warren from Regina.  Hiroki and Felipe were not in attendance as they were at Camp Whitney in Flin Flon for their last Rotary Youth Exchange gathering.  I imagine some tears were shed.  Hiroki's last meeting is the evening of July 10th.  Come out to wish him well and to say good-bye.  How lucky our club has been to get two such wonderful exchange students this year!
There is lots of congratulations going to members of our club.
Congratulations to
*Janine on her engagement
*Chakra & his wife on the birth of their second daughter
*Gwen on the birth of her second granddaughter
*Dale and his new executive as they start the new Rotary year
Here's Bob presenting banners from Rotary clubs in Stirling, Scotland and Linlithgow, Scotland.  Wherever you travel, you will be warmly welcomed by Rotary clubs if you attend their meetings.  RI has a Club Locator on their site which makes it so easy to find the clubs. 

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