Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 31, 2014 Newsletter

The Kings will be in Montana for ten days so there will be no blogged newsletter next week.

We met at Captain's Hall on July 24th as the Legion was redoing their flooring.  There was terrific attendance for a summer meeting.
Aha!  I let Myron finish chewing, but caught Bob in the act.
Joyce Cantin, our guest speaker, talked about volunteering.
Felipe our inbound and Olivia, our recently returned outbound, had lots to chat about.  Olivia's presentation on her year in France will be in the evening on August 28th.
Ron and Chakra sat in the corner - not because they were bad - but because it was closer to the food!
Ray brought his son Trevor.  I can definitely see the family resemblance.
What would we do without April and Tom?
Here's a look at our seating arrangement.
Meals on Wheels:  July 30th - Ron Milleker, August 6th - David May, August 13th - Greg Nikkel
Birthdays:  August 6th - Michele Craigen, August 8th - Mirjam Egle, August 11th - Joanne Thomson
Anniversaries:  July 31st - Ray & Jeanette Hamm
Last week's question:  Who is the club's newest grandfather?  At the time of asking the question, the answer was Terry Chapelsky but since then Ted and Rhonda Hillstead have announced that they too have a new grandchild.  Congratulations to all!
This week's question:  Which 6 club members had perfect attendance for the 2013-14 year?

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