Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 16th Newsletter

October is Vocational Service Month

It will be fun to see our members wearing these. 
Deana Mainil is about to become our newest member.  Welcome, Deana!
It's good to see Alex back!  He looks serious in this photo but that mischievous twinkle is in his eyes.
Guest speaker last week was Bin Du Cherien, president of the International Women of Weyburn.

Denis presented a banner from a Rotary Club in Prague.  
Meals on Wheels:  October 22nd - Vic, October 29th - Gwen, November 5th - Darrell

Emilie's drivers:  Pick Emilie up at the Cugnet Centre doors (north side).  October 23rd - Greg, October 30th - Stafford, November 6th - Grant Paulson

Birthdays:  October 18th - Laraine Tremblay, October 19th - Tammy Kwochka, October 20th - Wilf Lendrum, October 21st - Ray Hamm

Anniversaries:  none

Mark your calendar:  District Governor Pat Chernesky will be at our noon meeting on October 30th.  Plan to attend.  Executive, please attend a meeting with her at the Legion at 10 that morning.

How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?

Last week's question:  Who made up the October 9th meeting via eMeeting and who made up the October 9th meeting by visiting the Rotary Club of Chinatown, Manhattan?
Judi did an eMeeting and Garnet attended a Chinatown, Manhattan meeting.  You should all consider doing makeups when you can't attend our club meetings.  

This week's question:  Which of our members is instrumental in the upcoming opening of an India Curry House in Weyburn?

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