Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 2nd, 2014 Newletter

October in Vocational Service Month

Meals on Wheels:  October 8th - Denis T., October 15th - Laraine, October 22 - Vic

Emilie's Drivers:  to be arranged

Birthdays:  October 8th - Dennis McRae

Anniversaries:  none

Part of last week's meeting was members sharing their memories of Ron. 
Ross McMurtry, our guest, spoke on the Pioneer Woman Sculpture which is being planned.
Stan Runne was also a guest and he is the treasurer for the Pioneer Woman Sculpture fundraising.
The weather was so good for September, that various men proudly showed off their shapely legs.
Grant & Terry missed  being in the previous photo so paid the photographer to take another photo!
Garnet brought two guests and they all had fun.
Good to see you, Norma.
Anna presented a banner from the Rotary Club of Retford, England.
Bob was in Winnipeg on the weekend and on Saturday, the first day the museum was open to the public, hoped to visit the National Museum of Human Rights.  However, because many of the displays are not yet ready, the only tour available was an architectural one.  Bob took this picture to show how the architect may not have been thinking of Winnipeg's heavy snowfalls when he designed the entrance way.  The entrance looks like a snow catcher. 
How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?
Last week's question:  36% of our members were all born in which decade?  the 1950s
This week's question:  Who's presently vacationing in Croatia?

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