Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 9th, 2014 Newsletter

October is Vocational Service Month

Rotary is all about smiling with your friends.

Even the cook smiles!  Roger has left the Legion so Judy prepared a delicious lunch for us.
We will be singing in this year's Communithon in our usual 8 a.m. Saturday slot.  Then it's off to the Credit Union to have breakfast together.  Mark the date: Saturday, October 25th at 8 a.m.
Meals on Wheels:  October 15th - Laraine, October 22 - Vic, October 29th - Gwen
Emilie's Drivers:  October 16th - Pat, October 23 - Greg, October 30th - Stafford
Birthdays:  October 10th - Tom Stephenson, October 14th - Henry Jones,
October 15th - Terrry
Anniversaries:  October 12th - Kim & Myrt, October 15th - Judi & Henry
Which Rotarian has these cool shoes?  Hint:  It's not Dale.
Thanks to those who represented Rotary at the Triple C Donor Recognition Night.  At least half our club must have been there and it was a sensational evening.
How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?
Last week's question:  Who is presently vacationing in Croatia?  Denis & Laraine
This week's question has two parts: 
Part 1:  Who has already made up the October 9th meeting by doing an eMeeting?
Part 2:  Who has already made up the October 9th meeting by attending a meeting at the Rotary Club of Chinatown, Manhattan?

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